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Go Solar, Middle Tennessee!

The time to go solar is now! At Renew Roof & Solar, our goal is to make going solar simple and affordable.

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Let Renew Roof & Solar help make your roofing decision a lot easier. Ask us about our LIFETIME Roof System.

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With 100% financing available and free on-site visits, Renew Roof & Solar makes your roofing project simple.

Why Renew Roof & Solar?
At Renew Roof & Solar, we seek to contribute to a cleaner and healthier community by offering affordable access to alternative energy and premium quality roofing systems. We are dedicated to helping each customer enhance their property’s value and efficiency while staying within the given budget.
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What We Do

With over 30 years of combined experience, the Renew Roof & Solar management team holds licenses and certifications in all areas of construction and solar. In addition, we only use subcontractors with the highest levels of expertise in their respective trades.

Are you ready to increase the appeal, security and efficiency of your roof? Renew Roof & Solar works with many different materials for any residential or commercial roof.
The cost of electricity has risen 30 percent over the past five years, while at the same time the price of installing solar energy has fallen 80 percent. Now is the time to go solar!
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Learn more about residential and commercial roofing services by certified installers.
Solar Services

Our goal is to make going solar simple and affordable. What can you save with solar?
Customer Testimonials
At Renew Roof & Solar, we are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and strive to maintain long-term relationships with our customers.
John and his entire crew did a FANTASTIC job on the roof/solar install on my home. The roof was about 15 years old, and had a few more years left in it, but I'd be crazy to not replace it while putting solar panels on top. The roofers were like a well-oiled machine, showing up when they should, working fanatically in the July heat & sun, and cleaning up once they were finished. Our solar installation occurred sooner than anticipated due to the utility program we chose, so I was ecstatic to see it "commissioned" by Middle TN Electric. After ONLY HALF A MONTH with my panels operational, I saved $135 on my August bill vs the same time period the year before. I'm excited about seeing a full month, and the future savings it will produce. I've had a few "less-than-favorable" experiences with contractors in the past, and after talking with a couple of other companies, I felt very comfortable with John, Krista, and ALL of their staff, subs, etc. I have already highly recommended them to my neighbors, clients and friends for this type of work, and more (which I don't tend to do, as I don't want it to reflect poorly on me if the job goes south).
Scott Stone
They came and replaced my roof and removed some foam from the attic. I would definitely recommend them based on how the job went. They came in and did the job really fast. They were very timely. I was very surprised how meticulous he was with prepping the area and cleaning up before they left. They were tasked with cleaning up another contractors mess, and they did the job well. They're just really good people, overall. They were able to rush things that I needed done more urgently, and I'm just very happy with the experience.
Keya S.
We hired Renew Roof & Solar to install a solar panel system on our home. Jon and Krista were great. Coming to our house several times and answering all of our questions. They handled the entire permitting and approval process. This was especial important with our local utility, who had never had a system like this installed before. The solar panels are working great and we enjoy watching the solar panels on the app.
Hart Phinney
To whom it may concern: I can’t say enough about how great GreenForm is. I have had the most positive experience with John and Michael! I have needed a new roof for quite some time, but other roofers and my insurance company were not helpful. My roof was leaking and caused ceiling damage inside my home. Unfortunately, I am sick with incurable disease and have been in and out of the hospital, so it has been very difficult to prioritize getting my roof replaced. This has been going since September of last year. These guys have stuck with me, John was good to stay in touch with and reassure me that he wanted to help me through this, ..when I was ready.
Bill Broyles
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